Directed by Jeannette Godoy, the documentary follows dedicated dancers with Down Syndrome.

Watch my documentary here for free.

Hello, I’m Jeannette Godoy and this is my passion project, “Free 2 Be Me”. My goal is to spread awareness and to change perceptions about people with Down Syndrome. I encourage you to watch it with your family, and share the link with friends.

Before this project, I didn’t know anyone with Down Syndrome. My husband and I were treated to a surprise performance by this troupe before my daughter’s ballet recital. Afterward, I knew I had to tell their story, so I followed the Free 2 Be Me Dancers for an entire season. Read my article for MariaShriver.com by clicking here. It explains how these dancers touched my heart.

This film celebrates the joy of artistic self expression, and its effect on the whole family. Proceeds go to the non-profit Free 2 be Me Dance program. Thanks for your support, and again, please share this link.

Thank you!


17 Responses to “Watch my documentary here for free.”

  1. Lynda Whittemore says:

    What a beautiful project – looking forward to the movie!

  2. Leilani Nemeroff says:

    This is wonderful! Please consider entering our local film festival and contest. Info and requirements are here: http://www.roslynfilmfestival.com/

  3. Sonja says:

    i love it! What a great job!

    • Jeannette Godoy says:

      We’re so glad you liked the film. Thank you so much for giving these dancers and their families an audience. Please share.


    Dr. Jerome LeJeune who discovered the chromosomal abnormality said once, behind a display of pottery that DS children had made: “They are normal in art and they are normal in love”. (By “normal”, during a less PC era, I believe he meant, “like most other people”).

  5. Jeannette Godoy says:

    Thank you for sharing that quote by Dr. LeJeaune. It’s so true! Thank you for checking out our film, we hope you enjoyed these beautiful dancers.

  6. Hi! I learned about this through a friend of mine, Danielle Hopkins, and I wanted to connect you/the program director with Ed Lynch, the founder of Mychal’s Learning Place. http://www.mychals.org
    I think the two programs should know about each other!

    • Jeannette Godoy says:

      Hi there. Thank you for sharing the info about Mychal”s Learning Place. I would love to share our film with them and know more about what they do. I’ll check it out.

      We appreciate you taking the time to watch.

  7. Karisa says:

    This was an amazing film, thank you for sharing it. I heard about you on the Kira Soltanovich Podcast and I really enjoyed hearing about your experience as well as watching it.

    • Jeannette Godoy says:


      Thank you so much for taking the time to watch our film. We’re so glad you enjoyed it. Hope you will consider sharing with friends and family. We are dedicated to changing perceptions about this wonderful group of people.


  8. Eliu says:

    Jeannette, Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful documentary, thank you for taking the time to care, thank you fro your dedication to this project.

    I’ve heard about this documentary on respect the process and your episode was one of my favorite of all times; I have had been waiting to have some time to sit down and enjoy the doc and I enjoyed every minute of it!

    As a filmmaker, it really touches my heart when a talented person invest time and effort to tell stories that deserve to be told.



    PS: I did not pay to watch the doc because I am very careful to use my Credit card in websites I don’t know about. I wished you took paypal or other well known platform.

  9. Amira Rida says:

    Totally beautiful, moving and what an incredible lady!

  10. I was at the bootcamp Saturday in Santa Monica and Jordan mentioned your Doc. My wife and I watched it and cried. You did a remarkable job of telling their stories. I brought my son to Jordan’s bootcamp and he was impressed with his skill, but even more so with his message. You and Jordan are special people. Keep it up.

  11. What a wonderful story. My son Alex and I attended the Santa Monica bootcamp. I appreciated your insights, and later Jordan plugged your doc. Alex was both impressed and inspired. As was I.

    And what a remarkable film. My wife Wendy and I were in tears. Thank you.

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